Ovens and Murray land survey provides a delivery of the following services specifically related to residential, commercial and industrial development in New South Wales and Victoria

Additional Services

Cadastral and Land Development

  • Creation / removal and variations of restrictions and easements
  • Application title
  • Application survey / adverse possession
  • Sub-divisions ranging in size from 2 to 500 lots
  • Preparation and lodgement of plan of sub-division

Set-out Surveys and Mass Spatial Data Capture

  • Building grids
  • Utilising drone and scanning technologies
  • Infrastructure works and earthworks
  • Calculations of volumes and quantities
  • As-constructed surveys and plan preparation
  • Defamation surveys
  • Spatial Mapping / GIS (Geographic Information Systems)
  • Collection of mass spatial data for integration in GIS
  • Flood mapping

Existing Conditions Surveys

  • In support of engineering design
  • Road Construction
  • Strip surveys for service routes
  • Infrastructure upgrade
  • Establishment of site control and datum transfer

Project Management and Consultant Coordination

  • Work alongside our clients to find all opportunities for your property
  • Feasibility studies
  • Interpreting regulatory requirements of governing bodies
  • Customised commercial outcomes
  • Project managing with best practice, delivering desired results in a timely manner

Tenancy Surveys

  • Net lettable area